Stock Analysis on Net
Stock Analysis on Net

Lam Research Corp. (NASDAQ:LRCX)

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Analysis of Debt

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Total Debt (Carrying Amount)

Lam Research Corp., balance sheet: debt

US$ in thousands

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Jun 27, 2021 Jun 28, 2020 Jun 30, 2019 Jun 24, 2018 Jun 25, 2017 Jun 26, 2016
Current portion of long-term debt and finance lease obligations
Long-term debt and finance lease obligations, less current portion
Total debt outstanding (carrying amount)

Based on: 10-K (filing date: 2021-08-17), 10-K (filing date: 2020-08-18), 10-K (filing date: 2019-08-20), 10-K (filing date: 2018-08-14), 10-K (filing date: 2017-08-15), 10-K (filing date: 2016-08-17).

Debt item Description The company
Total debt outstanding (carrying amount) Sum of the carrying values as of the balance sheet date of all debt plus capital lease obligations. Lam Research Corp.’s total debt increased from 2019 to 2020 but then slightly decreased from 2020 to 2021 not reaching 2019 level.

Total Debt (Fair Value)

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Jun 27, 2021
Selected Financial Data (US$ in thousands)
2060 Notes
2050 Notes
2049 Notes
2041 Notes
2030 Notes
2029 Notes
2026 Notes
2025 Notes
2023 Notes
2021 Notes
2020 Notes
2018 Notes
Commercial paper
Finance lease liabilities
Build-to-suit lease
Total debt outstanding (fair value)
Financial Ratio
Debt, fair value to carrying amount ratio

Based on: 10-K (filing date: 2021-08-17).

Weighted-average Interest Rate on Debt

Weighted-average effective interest rate on debt:

Interest rate Debt amount1 Interest rate × Debt amount Weighted-average interest rate2

Based on: 10-K (filing date: 2021-08-17).

1 US$ in thousands

2 Weighted-average interest rate = 100 × ÷ =