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Return on Capital (ROC)

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Return on capital (ROC) is after tax rate of return on net business assets. ROIC is unaffected by changes in interest rates or company's debt and equity structure. It measures business productivity performance.

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

General Mills Inc., ROIC calculation

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May 27, 2018 May 28, 2017 May 29, 2016 May 31, 2015 May 25, 2014 May 26, 2013
Selected Financial Data (USD $ in thousands)
Net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT)1 hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden
Invested capital2 hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden
ROIC3 hidden% hidden% hidden% hidden% hidden% hidden%

Source: Based on data from General Mills Inc. Annual Reports

2018 Calculations

1 NOPAT. See Details »

2 Invested capital. See Details »

3 ROIC = 100 × NOPAT ÷ Invested capital
= 100 × hidden ÷ hidden = hidden%

Ratio Description The company
ROIC A measure of the periodic, after tax, cash-on-cash yield earned in the business. General Mills Inc.'s ROIC deteriorated from 2016 to 2017 and from 2017 to 2018.