Deferred Compensation Equity

Value of stock issued under share-based plans to employees or officers which is the unearned portion; shares accounted for under the fair value method; share-based compensation cost is determined as of the grant date based on the market price of the underlying common stock and is recognized as expense over the period during which the employee is required to provide service in exchange for the award. The remaining unrecognized balance that will be recognized ratably over the life of the vesting period is a deduction of stockholders' equity. Nonpublic entities, including those entities that become public after June 15, 2005, that used the minimum value method of measuring equity share options and similar instruments shall continue to account for any portion of awards outstanding at the date of initial application using the accounting principles originally applied to those awards (either the minimum value method under FAS123 or the provisions of Opinion 25 and its related interpretive guidance).