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Martin P. Dybek - Financial Analyst in Stock Analysis on Net

Martin P. Dybek

I am an analyst of stocks, active on the market since 1996. I have been the owner of Stock Analysis on Net, a company managing the ‘Stock Analysis on Net’ website. I have a Masters degree in economics, having graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Warsaw University and Post-Graduate Capital Investment Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

I have been involved in the field of investments since 1993 and dealing with them on a professional basis since 1996. Thanks to my professional preparation in finance, statistics and econometrics I prepare models assisting in the investment decision-making process. Working for Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Polisa-Życie S.A. I managed assets with the value of $20 million.

Since 2003 I have been conducting financial analysis of companies quoted on the stock exchange and valuating their stock for my own company, Stock Analysis on Net. The values I hold highest in business are professionalism and ethical conduct both with regard to customers and partners. A satisfied customer can attract further three to the company, while an unsatisfied one can discourage further ten clients. Therefore professionalism and ethics constitute the key foundations for the creation of a good and durable image of any enterprise.

My output covers several publications. Among them there are several complex (containing from 100 to over 300 A4 pages) analysis of stock exchange companies from the chemicals, IT, metals and telecom sector.

My articles, speeches, and opinions are published in financial media, recognized in Poland as basic sources of financial information, e.g. in television TVN CNBC Biznes, in press: Puls Biznesu, Forbes Magazine, Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet, Home&Market, Gazeta Finansowa, Życie Warszawy (Economy section), on web portals: Wirtualna Polska Portal (Stock Exchange tab), Polish Financial Portal

A question might be asked here: why do I make analysis for money instead of playing and making gains at the stock exchange?

My answer is: one does not exclude the other. Thanks to the money made at the stock exchange several years back I had the possibility of thanking my employer for our cooperation and leaving. I did this, despite holding a managerial post and good salary. And I did it without apprehension, providing for two persons apart from myself (and a third one on the way). Without the money made at the stock exchange this service would not exist today.

‘Stock Analysis on Net’ Service is my dream come true. I always wanted to do what I do now, that is prepare analysis for my own company

Investing in the stock of companies helped me make my dreams come true!